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DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR DOGS!!!!!! I gave this product to my 12 lb. 1 year old shih tzu. 2 hours later he began throwing up and having diarrhea uncontrollably! Throwing up 2 mins apart from each other everywhere. His eyes were giant and he was shaking. We called the pet ER and they urged us to bring him in. Rushing him into the ER we were terrified and felt horrible for giving him this. He was examined and it was concluded that he went into anaphylactic shock from the allergy medicine. He was given iv fluid and epinephrine. They put a catheter in and had to observe him overnight for after shock. Thankfully he returned home the next day after a huge pet bill to save his life. If we would have waited he may not be here today. Please DO NOT give this to your dogs. IT CONTAINS grape seed extract, which is toxic to dogs!!!! Please help me signal boost so we can inform more people about this product.

Signal Boost

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im just sitting in silence in my car outside my house in the pitch black bc my ears haven’t heard silence since 6 am this morning n my ears are ringing it’s so quiet in my neighborhood

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Anonymous: You look so good with dark hair

thank you aw!!! it’s really uneven bc the dye took better to my bleached hair but i like it a lot it makes me feel really good :-)

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I need this 

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Tfw internet bf

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long distance is hard like walking past places u sat with yr person and them
not being there with you is so weird I hate that feeling

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i think that we really have to think about “virginity isn’t a big deal” cause like?? lots of us are raised to believe that it is and it’s allowed to be a big deal and it’s not fair to make ppl feel bad for being attached to something so personal

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Anonymous: youre so bitter

honestly? ya

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honestly when i die send my body out to sea floating on all of the diet soda cans ive drank

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PSA kim kardashian was being assaulted in these photos yall continue to reblog and poke fun at her personal space was being invaded and its not…………funny…………

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U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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Anonymous: What do your feet look like?


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No woman was put on this earth to be hurt or humiliated in order to facilitate male masturbation.

— Gail Dines (via zombiemovies)

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