almond milk is disgusting as well


my mom grew up in idaho and today i explained to her why you cant be racist to a white person and she was like “oh shit….true…”

i want to go to the east coast n feel it out but i dont think anything is ever gonna feel the way the pacific northwest feels to me

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i spent my early childhood where twilight was based do u know how many salty girls i encountered in middle school? so many

i Think to raise interesting kids w big minds u have to raise them somewhere really beautiful where they can get lost in the woods n run for a long time without stopping or at least take them to that kinda place a lot  I Refuse to have kids in suburbia

when i was like six i was at the beach with our family friends and tried to cross a creek on a log and fell in n their puppy grabbed me by my collar and pulled me out of the water n i have been in love w dogs ever since i owe my life to them


Hop Along- Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen)

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sisters or soulmates? both.



Now That’s What I Call Jorts Vol. 34

my friend, those are japris

this pic is so me

this pic is so me


dont fuck up a strong connection u have w/ someone bc u scared of commitment got too much ego n wanna make it seem like ur less invested than they are bc if they know their worth theyre not going to watch u take advantage of them like that

im so critical of myself but if i were looking at myself from an outsiders perspective i am doing incredibly well a year and a half ago i hit rock bottom and was a suicidal mess at 16 i didnt leave my bed for a week because i was so depressed???? i go to school full time and keep good grades, havent self harmed or had a suicidal thought in months, work 20+ hours a week like what the fuck i picked myself up off of the ground By Myself For Myself and im doing fantastic. i am fantastic.



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